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At KLC, we are proud to be the home of one of the few canine swim therapy pools in Maryland. Specially adjusted canine life jackets and harnesses are used to ensure your 
dog's safety, comfort, and maximum 
usage of target muscles.  
When you call to schedule an 
appointment, a training regimen will 
be set up with your pet's personal 
trainer.  All swims are performed 
under the supervision of this 
personal trainer.  Keep in mind, 
your pet will be using new muscles 
and may be a bit sore the next day.  
Also, swim times must be gradually 
built up to ensure that no muscles 
are strained. 
The movements swimming requires can produce theraputic effects- it helps speed healing, and can greatly benefit dogs that have spinal problems, suffer from paralysis, or have sustained impact-related injuries.  If your dog is swimming for theraputic reasons, we requre veterinary authorization for the swim therapy, as well as proof of satisfactory health.  
Swimming can also be beneficial as a muscle and endurance building activity to help canine athletes.  Many animals who participate in activities such as agility, herding, or flyball can have their stamina and muscle increased with this low impact training- not only does it help lubricate joints without concussion, it also relieves pressure on tendons and other crucial areas of your dog's anatomy.
We also employ the use of a high-power dog blow dryer to make sure your pet is dry for the ride home in your car- no wet dog smell there!
Our pool is carefully monitered for correct pH, and only natural cleaners are used, to ensure your pet's safety.  The pool is also heated and fully filtered.
Immunization requirements are the same for swimming as they are for boarding.
Corgi Chelsea simply adores her swim times. 
An avid swimmer, she would go all day if given the opportunity.  Notice her specially fitted life vest! 
Chelsea's sister Molly, enjoying her swim time too!
Our summer hours are as follows:Monday-Saturday- 7:30-8:30am & 5:30-6:30pm
Sunday- 5:30-6:30pm

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