Here at KLC, it is our goal to provide quality, individualized care and attention to every guest.  Our staff is comprised of dedicated and highly motivated individuals who care about both the guest and their owner!  Kenny Kaye (owner of KLC) lives on the property to ensure the security and comfort of our guests. 

 In addition, KLC is active in multiple breed rescues, housing individuals from German Shepherd, Siberian Husky, and Beagle rescues while they wait for foster and forever homes.

Kenny grew up on a farm in Carroll County, 
where he helped care for many farm 
animals, as well as dogs. Holding certification 
in animal behavior, Kenny is in charge of 
evaluating the personalities of new guests to 
determine their playtime status and group

Kenny - (now Fourteen)- runs small group playtimes along
 with cleaning, feeding, watering and baths for our friends
he enjoys greeting your pets when they arrive and 
showing them to thier rooms, he also is a wealth of info
about what fun stuff your pet did during thier vacation here
all of our guests really enjoy him !!

Ryan - (now Eleven) - enjoys greeting and meeting our guest as they arrive, helping with bath time,and feeding and watering our guests!!

When on the topic of meeting everyone at KLC, you can't forget Kelsy! He was Kenny's dog, and was a rescue.  A brindle Australian Shepherd mix, he was very devoted and could always be seen close to  Kenny.  Kelsy thought of himself as a member of the staff, and helped with crowd control down in the yard.  He was always loved  attention, and has been missed since he went o heaven in june 2013

he is a rescue puppy-we belive his mom was a border collie, and after a wild girls night out, mango mutt arrived. he is still very much a puppy and will either sit on the hill and watch, or bust out full speed to meet you when you get out of your car. he loves to greet each guest with a test to see if they like to play rough. he likes playing in groups and chasing balls 
Little Kenny!
 "Little KennyTwo," trying to get an early start helping Mom!
Our  hours are as follows:
Monday-Saturday- 7:30-8:30am & 5:30-6:30 pm
Sunday-5:30-6:30 pm

Kennel Loving Care 
Pet Resort